Kaspersky Internet Security 3 User 1 Year - Latest Version

Kaspersky Internet Security 3 User 1 Year - Latest Version

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About this item:

While the internet is truly a boon for the fast-paced life today, we cannot ignore the fact that there could also be possible security threats.

From education to shopping, we use the internet for innumerable tasks. But did you know that while you are using your bank details and other personal information to make such online transactions, some sites might be hacking into such personal details? Secure your computer from all such possible threats, use Kaspersky Internet Security, and stay worry-free.

A Complete Protection - With almost two decades of unparalleled reputation, Kaspersky is one of the most efficient security measures adopted by individuals and business setups alike, all over the world. And over the years, Kaspersky has grown and improved to provide you the very best.

The latest Kaspersky Internet Security offers overall security for your desktops and laptops. It provides real-time security against any kind of possible threats while you are surfing the internet. Be it any hacking site or an online virus, with Kaspersky you are safe from any misuse. Also, now you can shop in peace since Kaspersky also prevents your personal information to be shared by other random sites. The Safe Money option checks all the sites accessed by you for online shopping to ensure it is not fake.

You can also customize and limit the number of updates that you want for your system by using the Change control option. The other problem that parents nowadays face is keeping adult content out of reach of children. With Kaspersky, you can control and limit what your child has access to. You can even set the time when they can access the PC and ensure safety from inappropriate content even when you are not around.


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